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Although it was not possible to determine crystal structures of activator binding to 55 kDa TrBgl2, solution NMR experiments demonstrated a specific binding site for the activator. A partial assignment of the NMR spectrum gave the identity of the amino acids at this site, allowing a model for TrBgl2 activation to be built. G891a 8.0 root
New biological entities (NBEs, therapeutic proteins such as interferons or antibodies) are much more complex than new chemical entities (NCEs), the classic “chemical” active ingredients. First, they are much larger. The average molecular weight of antibodies is ~150,000 g/mol. Second, most NBEs contain three-dimensional structural elements — with the protein secondary and tertiary ...

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Intracellular dynamics of the gene delivery vehicle polyethylenimine during transfection: investigation by two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Jean-Pierre Clamme, Guruswamy Krishnamoorthy, Yves Me´ly* Laboratoire de Pharmacologie et Physico-Chimie des Interactions Cellulaires et Mole´culaires, UMR 7034 CNRS, Faculte´ de Pharmacie,

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Fluctuation correlation spectroscopy (FCS) is a single-molecule/particle detection technique based on measuring signal fluctuations in a highly focused detection volume.

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1. Introduction. Thirty years ago, Webb and Coworkers , , published a rigorous formalism of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) with its various modes of possible applications, highlighting the large potential of this new variant of relaxation methods. In general, relaxation methods subject a reaction system to sudden, extreme changes of the thermodynamic state variables, taking it far ...

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Single Molecule Detection, Blinking. MicroTime 100 Upright time-resolved confocal microscope. The upright time-resolved microscope MicroTime 100 contains the complete optics and electronics for recording F(C)CS or FLCS data as well as fluorescence lifetime images and decays in small volumes by means of Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) with single molecule sensitivity.

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Dynamics of density fluctuation of supercritical fluid mapped on phase diagram, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 126(2), 422-423, 2004 Attractive and repulsive intermolecular interactions of a polar molecule: Short-range structure of neat supercritical CHF3 investigated by Raman spectroscopy, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, 108(27 ...

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Recent 2D Raman-THz spectroscopic investigations of salt solutions revealed the correlation between bulk viscosities, where order in the water–hydrogen bonding network is far longer lived than in pure water, and that the cations can have a significant influence on the water network structure and associated reorganization timescales . 2D THz ...

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Systematic investigation of the influencing parameters of an external cavity laser with a quantum dot gain chip Paper 11356-9 Author(s): Jannik F. Ehlert, EXFO Optics (France), Télécom Paristech, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (France); Alain Mugnier, EXFO Optics (France); Gang He, EXFO Inc. (Canada); Frédéric Grillot, Télécom Paristech, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (France), The ...

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this paper is ONLY about the DNA fluctuation dynamics, investigated by a method with laser correlation spectroscopy, and there is no relation to the DNA phantom effect. With best regards     Peter Gariaev, Ph.D.

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Recent advances in ultrafast laser technology have spurred investigations of microheterogeneous solutions. In particular, researchers have explored details of reverse micelles (RMs), which present isolated droplets of polar solvent sequestered from a continuous nonpolar phase by a surfactant layer. This review explores recent studies utilizing a variety of ultrafast laser techniques to uncover ...

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1 March 2004 Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy investigation of a GFP mutant-enhanced cyan fluorescent ... Any dynamic process that affects the emission of fluorescent molecules in a solution causes fluctuations in the ... "Dynamics of fluorescence fluctuations in green fluorescent protein observed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy ...

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